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Food Alert: Almonds Are Everywhere

Posted 06 May 2010 — by S.E.
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Almonds are appearing on menus all over the country. If they were there all along, I must not have noticed. Perhaps my interest in them started when I enjoyed the “La Quercia” prosciutto with honeycomb, orange zest, Marcona almonds and black peppercorn vinaigrette at Avec in Chicago two months ago. The dish was fantastic and the almonds were a major factor in making it so perfect. They added great texture, richness and flavor while enhancing the overall presentation. Eating them forced me to research the origins and qualities of Marcona almonds and this, in turn, further raised my awareness. Since then I have noticed at least one dish that includes almonds on nearly every menu I encounter including the menu at Clio last weekend. Chefs are using smoked almonds, green almonds, regular dried almonds, salted almonds, ground almonds and any other form you can think of. Almonds are finding their way into appetizers, entrees and, of course, desserts. Here’s a sampling of menu descriptions that include almonds from restaurants around the country. By the way, I am not a paid blogger (yet, anyway) and this is not an entry that is funded by the almond board or anyone else. It just seems cool to me to report on a food trend that is happening in real time. There are several other food trends I am noticing that I will report on soon!


 At The French Laundry in Yountville California, Chef de Cuisine Tim Hollingsworth offers a dish with Marcona Almonds.

 Sweet Butter-Poached Maine Lobster “Mitts”

Arrowleaf Spinach, Sunchokes, Marcona Almonds and Navel Orange


At per se in New York Eli Kaimeh and his team prepare several items that include almonds. Here are the actual menu descriptions from per se as posted on May 5th.

White Asparagus “Amandine”

Ramp Top “Subric,” Oregon Morel Mushrooms, “Emincee” of Green Almonds and Roquette


Sautéed Fillet of Australian Hiramasa

Romanesco Cauliflower, Thompson Grapes, Green Almonds

and Cilantro Shoots with Madras Curry Emulsion


Wyle Dufresne of WD~50 in New York offers up an almond laden appetizer. You can see the photo of this dish here

Hanger tartare, smoked almonds, banana, hibiscus


Grant Achatz has them on the menu at Alinea in Chicago too. They show up as the 13th course on the “Tour” menu in the form of

Green Almond, yuzu, wasabi, basil flower


And, finally, Clio in Boston offers a wonderful foie gras dish with Marcona almonds that I blogged about yesterday (see below)

Foie Gras “Terrine”

Marcona Almond Crème, Rhubarb, Violet Artichokes, Nasturtium